My true food intolerances diet experience.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is compiled of information on alternative treatments that I have used since my MS symptoms began in 1975. Some have helped my

MS quite a bit, that does not  mean that they will help yours. They are mostly anecdotal evidence and you should seek the counsel of your physician before starting any new treatments.



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My immuno1 Bloodprint these results were from the blood test      Anti-Gliadin Antibody my results for Gluten     Milk sub fractions my results for cows milk

My hair analysis my partial hair analysis results  great explanation for difference of food intolerances/allergies





11-22-10  I have another link for Terry Wahls (above) she did not have herself tested for food intolerances but eats a lot of fruits & vegetables! I do not believe she eats meat, I still do and eat more fish than I have before. I will be having an MRI for head and spine, I have never had a spinal MRI before. My new Neuro who I like very much tells me the reason for the spinal MRI is because I do have OAB and apparently the spine is where the lesions for OAB exist. I never knew that. Considering I have had MS for 35 years I guess that should come to no surprise. I'm still not a good quitter and will be adding electrical stimulation soon. I am also quite certain this new treatment will take quite some time, it took Dr. Wahls 4 years. I know of many other MS patients who are CP and would like to help show that diet and electrical stimulation can help CPMS patients to have some recovery. It will be an interesting next 4 or more years. It would be nice to have more proof to show to Neurologists who do not believe that food does play a role with MS. I sure wish I had this info 35 years ago, but that was not to be, maybe this was meant to be. Thank goodness for Dr. Wahls! Never give up! ~ Lisa


07-29-10  I just found another link that explains food intolerances much better than I could.  I will always continue to stay away from eating the foods my blood test showed I have intolerance to since blood cannot lie. I will also be excited to compare the results from my hair strand test to my blood test since DNA cannot lie either. This has been the most difficult treatment I have ever used but I do believe what my body is trying to tell me after having these tests. It has only been 16 months since I stopped eating those foods I tested positive to but have been very slowly noticing subtle changes, like having lots of energy even though I sleep quite badly getting maybe 3 - 5 hours of interrupted sleep...for years. I have had symptoms since I was 13 and am now 48 so I can't imagine this will be a quick recovery and I have no idea just how much I will recover, but I would like to find out! Patience is definitely a must for this treatment, the hurry up and wait game. I know the Neurologists I have seen over the years all did not believe food had anything to do with MS, I'm no doctor but I completely disagree with them now that I have seen the blood test results for myself. But food cannot make them any money. This is definitely my soap box. It is so annoying to think my friend Scot did not even live to be 40 and he did eat sometimes odd foods that did make him feel unwell. I wish this test had been around back then. It was so sad to go to his funeral knowing we had the same disease. It is looking to me anyway that one does not have to die from this disease if dietary changes are made. I tried the Swank diet as a teenager but that did not last long especially when the doctors are telling me diet has nothing to do with MS. Now looking at the Swank diet, it probably would have helped but some of the foods allowed by Swank are foods my blood test showed I should not eat. I cannot go back in time of course but I hope this information on my website can help some of my fellow MS patients to find out for themselves if they have food intolerances. I do not have a book but will forever have my website available for others to read and share.

Never give up! ~ Lisa


07-17-10  I was doing some research on food intolerance testing and found a test that is a painless hair strand test.  Your hair sample tests against 600 food and non food items. Since I am doing so well since I stopped eating the foods (95% of the time) my blood test showed I have an intolerance to I thought it would be interesting to have this hair strand test done to try to compare to my blood test results. After reading more about food intolerances it appears intolerances can tend to change to some degree over time. I like the amount of foods that are tested, my blood test only tested for 154 foods and cost nearly $200, This hair strand test is only $80 and no pain! I know there are a lot of people who do not care so much for blood tests, this could be the solution for those MS patients who would like to find out this information and not have a blood test. This hair strand test tests for nearly 300 foods, I will be really interested to have this test done! After I have the test done and get the results back I will list them here for my fellow MS patients to compare to my blood test results. It has not been the easiest thing in the world to do but since this is the only treatment I have been using since my blood test in '09 I am noticing that my feet and hands are waking up! They are still numb but I can feel the cool tiles under my feet! I can only presume it is because I do not eat those particular foods anymore, I am not using any other treatment. I have even had vertigo with the hot weather and used black tea that really seemed to help with that. When I lay down on my right or left side I notice very light spinning until I have sat up for a few moments, the spinning is nearly gone it is amazing to me! I will be so excited to see my hair strand test results! I remember hearing at some point that some doctors thought MS may be 2 separate diseases, wouldn't be interesting if between the food intolerances and this new CCSVI treatment that MS can be cleared up? I cannot afford the CCSVI at the moment so I will just stick to avoiding the foods that my body shows I have an intolerance to. Stay tuned for the next food intolerance test.  Never give up! ~Lisa   

This is the link for the hair strand test;


04-24-10  Thank you to those of you who suggested I re-do this page so it is a bit clearer what & where my blood test results are. Sorry 'bout that!

This first link in red shows the foods my test showed I have an intolerance to. My immuno1 Bloodprint The next two links show the results for Gluten, Anti-Gliadin Antibody  and Milk. Milk sub fractions For me gluten is not a problem but cow's milk is. Immuno Laboratories also includes a Comprehensive Food Plan that gives an idea of the foods your personal blood test showed are okay for you to eat. I found that helpful. I know after speaking with numerous     MS patients that it seems hard to believe that food truly plays a role because their doctor's do not believe it. I didn't believe it either until I saw the results for myself. I plan on speaking with my new Neurologist about this to see if I can get him to change his mind. Can't hurt. Have a great day! ~ Lisa



10-17-09   I am trying so hard to get my true food intolerances listed correctly, my brain is absolutely not up to par...this is driving me nuts! I am self taught with making this website which I suppose I should be proud of, but it is so frustrating when my brain cannot remember how I did this last time! :(  So I am going to try to insert it here if you would like to see what my true food allergens are.

Knock on wood!


04-08-09   I have added the other 3 pages for my personal food allergens. I have been eating primarily a gluten free diet but my blood results reveal I test Negative for the Anti-Gliadin Antibody so I do not have an allergy to gluten. However, I did test Positive for Milk sub fractions so I need to not eat cow's milk cheese also no whey , or whey products. They also included a Comprehensive Food Plan where a patient does a 4 day diet rotation using foods I did not have a reaction to. I need to get more food varieties, I'm hungry! At least I know what foods to stay away from and there are more foods I can eat. I just have to wrap my head around no blueberries! I can rotate blueberries back into my diet at some point and see if I notice any differences. Some foods I won't miss at all like beets, I've never eaten an oyster so I guess I won't miss that, I don't care for cherries too much anyway, no more tomatoes that will be weird. I just started using Quinoa recently, that can be replaced with Millet. I'm glad I can eat peas, apples, bananas, peanuts, and beans! In one of the books I read it was recommended to not eat those and also pork & beef. I just have to remember to rotate my allowed foods. I am very glad I had my blood tested for food allergies, now I know for certain what to stay away from. It will be interesting over time to see if I notice differences when I eat certain foods. I'm sure healing will be slow just as it was for the MS patients who shared their dietary experiences in their books, patience is key. I am still pretty fatigued, hopefully that will change a bit more quickly! Stay tuned~ Lisa


04-06-09   I was surprised about some of the foods I truly have an allergen to and some I do not. I have been drinking almond milk...turns out I had a reaction to almonds and blueberries...I love blueberries, but I guess they do not love me:(  If you would like to see more click here. Some of the foods I thought were okay for my body by reading some books turn out to not be good for my body for a fact, that is what I was looking for, the facts on which foods are good and bad for me. The books are great but I think even Dr. Swank would have liked to see a blood test for the true offending foods for each individual. That's my thoughts anyway.

Have a great evening! ~ Lisa


03-20-09   I had my blood test and expect the results in about 2 weeks....I'm so excited! I have spoken with some MS patients who had been tested for food allergies with the scratch test. I was looking into this and found articles about scratch tests being used to check for food allergies. "Patch tests - allergy; Scratch tests - allergy; Skin tests - allergy; RAST test ... Intradermal tests are not used to test for food allergies because of high false positive results and the danger of causing a severe allergic reaction. ..."  Of course this is simply my own opinion, you will have to decide for yourself. One day in the future I would like to show this info to my Neuro who did not believe diet would make a difference when I last saw him in '02. I hope to change his mind but I will not hold my breath, and frankly I don't really care. I have felt the differences for myself with some foods. It makes sense to my body. I will be shocked if the Human Bloodprint does not show any positive results. I mentioned this before, I don't remember which page but the other reason I completely believe diet has everything to do with MS is because I have a relative who also has MS, that relative always ate very well, no junk food. It has been about the same amount of time we have had MS yet you would not have a clue my relative has it where it is very obvious that I do! I was the junk food junkie, my relative was not...hmmm! Food for thought. When I get my results back this is the page I will list them on.

Have a great weekend! ~Lisa


03-13-09   My blood test is set for St. Patrick's Day! I am very excited to have this done so I can see for myself in black & white exactly which foods my body cannot tolerate! I am even more believing after reading the free book they sent to me "Toxic Food Syndrome" by Jeffrey S. Zavik & Jim Thompson. I was told that they are running a bit behind with the tests, but that is okay with me. I also forgot to ask how many foods will be tested, but my brain is too tired to call back, I will find out for certain on Tuesday. Have a great weekend! ~ Lisa


03-08-09   I will be having my Human Bloodprintô blood test done next week to truly see what foods I need to steer clear of. I understand that the majority of MS patients, at least he ones I have been  in contact with do not believe that diet could possibly play such a key role in MS. I felt that way too, but after reading more and more info about MS patients who claim cure by eliminating certain foods from their diets and reading the book "Toxic Food Syndrome" by Jeffrey S. Zavik & Jim Thompson. I now feel I must take my blinders off and have this specialty blood test performed. I know I am fortunate that even though I have zero insurance my brother Brian and some friends from Lisle High School class of '79 have been raising the money I have needed to try different treatments. So last years' Turkey Bowl raised enough money so that I could have my 9 amalgam fillings replaced and there is just enough left so that I can have this blood test done.  A portion of the money raised also goes to the NMSS Aquatics program to help pay for MS patients who cannot afford this class. My hope for the future is that the MS Turkey Bowl touch football game can be turned into a true charity so that we can find a way to help other MS patients who have no health insurance to find out for certain if their body has any bonafide food intolerances. I am so grateful to all the MS patients who have written books about their experiences with eliminating certain foods from their diets and have become symptom free. I have also spoken to quite a few MS patients who understandably do not believe this is possible because surely their doctors would have told them about how diet can affect MS. As I am starting to understand this, most Neurologists are not taught about inflammatory foods, so I am not surprised that they don't mention it as a treatment. If a physician is not taught about the dietary aspect why would they suggest it? It appears they are taught about drugs, you know, like the ABC,R drugs that in my experience simply do not work.

        When I was using the Immunosyn vaccine, that did help me quite a bit, I had a lot more energy and it worked much like prednisone only no bloat. I could not afford it anymore and I understand it is being made with synthetics now so I have no opinion about the new version. I had vertigo twice while I was using it but it brought me out of it much like the prednisone has done in the past. I can only speak for myself, I know Alan Osmond is still using the vaccine and I don't know what his symptoms have been, but he does look like he is getting around quite well. I also can only presume his son is also using the vaccine he is looking quite well, no wheelchair.  Alan is a shareholder for the Immunosyn vaccine so that is why I am presuming his son is also using it.

        I like facts just as most doctors do, I know my Neurologist will want to see the results of my hair analysis and the food intolerance test. I have seen the facts about my amalgam mercury levels while I had all 9 in my teeth, I will be having another hair analysis done in June for comparison now that they have all been replaced with a non-toxic filling. That is why I would like to see it for a fact about the foods I may have an intolerance to. I do believe wheat will be one of them simply because I have been eating primarily wheat, gluten and dairy free for close to 2 years and I took it upon myself to start eating wheat bread & eggs in the past 10 days or so and my scalp is itching much more. The dietary changes are not particularly easy but I think it will be a bit easier when I can see for a fact which foods I need to avoid. The test is for over 100 foods and when I get my results I will list them on this page as I have done for testing the mercury levels from my hair analysis. I have heard from some others that they had allergy testing done and it came up negative, I don't know what type of test they had but the test I am going to have done is supposed to be more reliable, you will have to decide for yourself. I suggest doing your own research don't just take my word for it. Google away! ~ Lisa